Is your retirement just around the corner? You purchased a home and watched your neighborhood grow up around you. You have taken care of your land for years, now let it take care of you!

As retirement is approaching you may be thinking about downsizing and moving to a smaller home, a condo in the city, a quiet rambler in a small town. You no longer have to choose your home based on commutes or school districts and now you can aim for a climate or lifestyle you would enjoy in your retirement years. What is your dream retirement location?

Along with climate and lifestyle, here are 10 Considerations to make: (according to

  • Housing built for aging
  • Good public transportation
  • Nearby health care
  • Good economy
  • Your nest egg stretches further
  • Year round weather you can tolerate
  • Opportunities to socialize
  • Help with chores and maintenance
  • Children and grandchildren
  • Amenities for seniors

So, let’s say you have determined when you would like to sell your property and where you would like to move to. That is a great time to start taking the necessary steps to help maximize the return on your property investment.

PRIMESTREET works with its clients to identify their goals for a sale and put together a clear path to achieve them. Being a client-focused local brokerage, PRIMESTREET utilizes it’s unique skill set to assist property owners in King and Snohomish Counties. Come experience The PRIMESTREET Way and see how we earn your trust, earn your business and deliver results.